EV Charging for Business

Charge up to 12x faster, reimburse employees who charge at home & dynamically share available power between charge points.


Fast, reliable, and always connected.

Keep your customers happy and your fleet running smoothly.

Evnex R7 EV Charging Station

R7 Charge Point

Single phase, compatible with all electric vehicles. Fast, connected and intelligent.

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Evnex R22 EV Charging Station

R22 Charge Point

Three phase, compatible with all electric vehicles. Fast, connected and intelligent.

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Charge up to 12x faster than your portable charging lead.

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Remotely track energy usage, reimburse employees charging at home and earn money from public charge points.

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Avoid costly infrastructure upgrades by sharing available power between multiple charge points.

Why choose Evnex?

We provide an end to end EV charging solution, we know our product back to back because we've built it from the ground up.

A one stop shop.

We can support you with all of your business charging requirements, including procurement and software management of DC charging stations.

Safe and compliant

Our charge points are tested to the latest IEC 61851 standard.

Cellular connected

We specialise in providing and managing cellular connected hardware. No need to request ethernet or WiFi access from your IT department.

3 year warranty

Industry standard warranty with spare parts stocked in NZ.

Ready to get started?

When you're ready to begin, we can help manage your charging requirements from start to finish.

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Tell us about your project

Get in touch so we can help you choose the right charge points and software plan.

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Arrange installation

Arrange installation yourself, or let us handle the process with our network of installers*.

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Start charging

Simply plug in and start charging. Optionally, scan the QR code on the side of the charge point to manage it online.

* Currently NZ only, but can provide technical support to installers in your country.

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Frequently asked questions

If you can't find an answer below, please feel free to call or email us directly.

Can our company reimburse employees who charge fleet vehicles at home?

Yes, our CP Link software enables you to track energy usage across each of your employees charge points, and reimburse them at the end of the month for electricity used.

Installation costs can vary. Factors that influence the cost include; the distance from your charge point to the switchboard, the location that you're looking to install the charge points and the availability of space in your switchboard for the required protection components. If you'd like a quote for installation from one of our approved installers, just get in touch.

Our charge points communicate over the cellular network. This is secure, doesn't require approval from your company's IT department, and easy for locations where WiFi isn't available.