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Simple & powerful
charging station management software.

Evnex CP Link cloud software gives you complete control over your charging stations. Manage who can access them, track how much it's costing to run your fleet, and share your available electrical supply between charge points.

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“The approach Evnex has taken in hardware development means no other product on the market can meet the proposition. In addition, the software backend solution makes managing a network of Charge Points easy”

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Generate reports
quickly and easily.

Charging session history, costs and user information can be easily exported into PDF or CSV reports.


Standards based
and rapidly developing.

We've embraced industry standard protocols like OCPP and OCPI, meaning we can talk to multiple software partners and multiple charge point manufacturers. Don't get stuck with just one vendor.

Always improving


Simple to use

Fast support

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Partner Support

Become your own
charge point operator.

CP Link partner tier gives you complete control over your network. Manage charge points on behalf of your customers and grant them their own user accounts and logins.
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