Evnex CP Link dashboard

Build and scale your EV charging service faster.

Evnex CP Link is your charge point control centre. Manage your entire fleet of charging stations from one interface. Update firmware, access detailed logs, and view session data.

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Full visibility of your network.

The CP Link dashboard provides a simple and effective interface to manage your fleet as you scale.


Hardware agnostic
for maximum flexibility.

While CP Link works great with Evnex hardware, it also supports many other OCPP1.6 compatible charging stations. Don't get stuck with just one vendor!

Always improving


Simple to use

Fast support

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Generate reports
quickly and easily.

Charging session history, costs and user information can be easily exported into CSV reports.

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Software based
load balancing.

When planning an EV charger installation, it’s often not cost effective or neccessary to specify the supply infrastructure so that all EV chargers can operate at full speed at the same time.

For these installations, Evnex CP Link load balancing provides a software based solution to cost effectively make the best use of existing electrical capacity.

Evnex OCPP tested brands

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