Where are you charging?

Purchasing from your country’s website is the smartest way to connect to a world-class EV charging experience.

E2 charger + install

(Starting from $2,395 inc.)
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Have your E2 charger installed by an Evnex approved electrician.

• E2 smart EV charger - 7.4kw
• Free consultation
• Personalised quote
• Installation by Evnex approved installer
• Testing and certificate of compliance
• Pre-setup of your Evnex charger

E2 charger only

(Starting from $1,395 inc.)
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Purchase your E2 charger separately and organise the installation yourself.

• E2 smart EV charger- 7.4kw
• You arrange the installation
• Requires your electrician to complete an online training module

Need advice?


You're new to EVs and want to better understand your EV charging options.

• No commitment
• Talk to a local EV charging expert
• Arrange an on-site visit (optional)
• Check your home is EV ready (optional)

(All prices are in NZ & incl. GST)