We build EV charging solutions for a simple, secure and sustainable future.

Our solutions

Tomorrows EVs will require advanced charging management to minimise their impact on infrastructure and the environment.


EVNEX provides solutions to shift EV charging load away from peak times, resulting in lower charging costs and reduced reliance on fossil fuel generation.



We use API's & open standards to encourage collaboration between utilities & retailers to create the best customer experience.


Today's connected products require careful consideration when it comes to security.

The EVNEX managed OCPP platform is designed to provide end to end security, from charging station to cloud.


Customer engagement is crucial to support the uptake of managed technologies.

We help to improve your customers experience, with thoughtfully designed products, and APIs to integrate with your user facing applications.


We're passionate about the environmental benefits of electric vehicles, but we don't stop there.

We work hard to minimise our footprint, from operations, right through to manufacturing and packaging.

EVNEX Solutions

We build EV charging stations and cloud management systems. We can also help with bespoke designs, connectivity and provisioning.

AC Charging Station

Our cost effective, connected charging solution for home and business.

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Cloud Management Platform

Monitor and manage your charging stations via our dashboard or API using industry standard protocols.

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Custom Charging Solutions

Our Core unit enables you to rapidly deploy your own EV charging solutions.

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