Connected energy is here.

Build intelligent solutions with EVNEX cloud.

The EVNEX platform provides a link between smart devices and energy services.

With our connected control module, electric vehicle (EV) charging and other home energy devices can be managed in the EVNEX cloud.

We enable electricity retailers, distributors and EV charging providers to adopt new technologies like blockchain, demand response and peer to peer energy trading.


Add connected charging to your business

See how the EVNEX platform can help you create new revenue opportunities and lower operational costs.

Network load management for utilities

EV charging solutions are commonly installed in locations lacking consistent WiFi connections. The EVNEX platform allows utilities to manage charging stations through the cellular network.

Utilizing a more reliable connection allows utilities to manage peak loading periods or respond to requested load management within seconds.

Making EV fleet management simpler and smarter

Our managed charging platform allows you to easily control and provision connected charging stations using APIs.

This opens up opportunities for your business to capture metrics such as company fleet carbon offsets, EV charging consumption and costs. Simply take our API and plug it into your existing web services.

Modular hardware solution

Implementing connected EV charging to your existing public infrastructure enables new revenue streams and new areas to capture valuable data in public areas.

Our compact modular hardware brings your vision to life by enabling rapid development of custom EV charging solutions.

Energy management platform

The EVNEX energy portal and APIs enable our enterprise partners and end users to seamlessly monitor and control devices in real time, from anywhere in the world.