Where are you charging?

Purchasing from your country’s website is the smartest way to connect to a world-class EV charging experience.

Lower your charging costs

Accurately tracking the cost of every charging session and get help optimising your charging routine with a fully customisable pricing schedule.

Setup your electricity costs
Plan your charging schedule
Review your charging costs

A simple one-time setup to to understand your electricity costs and how to optimise your charging routine to match free power hours and low tariffs.

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Get a clear picture of the cheapest times to charge your EV via your pricing schedule and set your charging schedule accordingly.

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See a breakdown of energy sources in the Charging Summary page or see an individual cost breakdown of each charging session in the Session History page.

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Charge more efficiently

We help you optimise your charging speed at all times, helping ensure your EV is ready when you need it. How long will it take to charge my EV?

Recover up to 40km of range / hour
Protect your home wiring
EV load management symbol
Future-proof your garage

Get up to 4x faster charging speeds than a portable 3-pin wall charger.

At any time you can push the E2's Instant Charge button to charge at maximum speeds while temporarily disabling your charging schedule.

Safely use other power hungry appliances while optimising your charging speed.

We adjust your charging rate in real-time to avoid overloading your home's electrical supply during times of high energy demand.

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Plan ahead for becoming a multi-EV household in future.

With local load balancing included, multiple Evnex chargers 'talk' with each other to manage this massive power demand safely and efficiently.

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How does Evnex compare?

See how we stand up against some of the other charging options in New Zealand

$1,395 inc (Volcanic, Stone) / $1,445 inc (Snow, Sand)
Evnex - E2
New Zealand Made
Smart Connectivity
Charging speed
 7.4kW, 32A single phase (Up to 40km range / hour)
IP55 indoor/outdoor
Cellular (free) or Wifi
286mm (height) x 185mm (width) x 66mm (depth)
70% Bio-based enclosure
Over voltage, under voltage, over current, over temp, earth fault, DC leakage protection 6mA
5m or 8m tethered cable (8m only available with a type 2 plug - Ships from mid December 2023)
IP Rating
Cable Length / Type
Solar Export Diversion
Carbon Emission Tracking
Home Overload protection
Local Load Management
Bio Circular Plastic
EC 61851-1:2017, IEC 61000-6-3:2011,IEC 61000-6-2:2016, CE

The home EV charger

That won't leave you in the dark

Meet the

The home EV charger
designed for kiwis

From $1,395 inc. Made in New Zealand.

The preferred local EV charger of

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Performance-driven features

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Smart EV charging carbon monitoring symbol

Reduce your EV's impact

Lower your charging costs

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Charge more efficiently

Start charging

Choose your preferred home EV charging package. All prices are GST inclusive.

EV charger + install

(Starting from $2,395 inc.)

Purchase your EV charger and have it installed by an Evnex approved electrician.

• E2 smart EV charger - 7.4kW
• Free consultation
• Personalised quote
• Installation by Evnex approved installer
• Testing and certificate of compliance
• Pre-setup of your Evnex charger

EV charger only

(Starting from $1,395 inc.)

Purchase your EV charger separately and organise the installation yourself.

• E2 smart EV charger- 7.4kW
• You arrange the installation
• Requires your electrician to complete an online training module

Get advice


Are you new to EVs and want to better understand your EV charging options?

• No commitment
• Talk to a local EV charging expert
• Arrange an on-site visit (optional)
• Check your home is EV ready (optional)

What do our drivers say?

A man using the Evnex E2 smart charger at home to charge a VW in New Zealand

"Much faster than using the 8-amp wall plug charger...

We're really happy with the Evnex charger. The app is nice and easy to use too and the whole process from ordering to install was a breeze. I especially appreciate that you have the price stated clearly on your website."

Michael | Wellington

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The Evnex E2 smart charger at home charging a Volvo in New Zealand

"Fast and efficient installation...

At a competitive price. Good people to deal with who explain the system calmly and well.
Unit looks good too. Glad I made the investment with Evnex."

Michelle | Dunedin

and helpful on any queries and set-up changes. The installation was very well done with an on time, neat and tidy job done. The charger works with our solar unit to charge using surplus generation. "

Richard | Christchurch

"Customer service has been great...





World class technology to optimise your charge.



New Zealand made quality and support.


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Why install a smart EV charger?

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Can I just charge my EV off my standard household plug?

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What Evnex products are registered as NZ Made?

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How long to fully charge an electric car using a home charger?

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Can you charge two electric cars at home?

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What electric vehicle brands are Evnex chargers compatible with?

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